Wet paint coating

New materials, complex areas of application, advances in electronics, mechanics and electrical engineering: nowadays metal parts are exposed to extreme stresses. A surface treatment is therefore essential in many cases.

Wet paint coating - Competencies

Wet paint offers a particularly large amount of design freedom. It’s available in a wide range of colors and compositions (with or without solvents, etc.). Thanks to our particularly spacious cabin, we can also paint large parts without any problems.

We work according to your specifications

Would you like a special color or a special lacquer? No problem! We adapt to your needs. There are (almost) no limits in terms of structure, degree of gloss or thickness of the lacquer layer.

It’s also possible to work in a multi-layer system. This enables us to meet particularly high corrosion requirements.

Even large workpieces are not a problem

Since 2020 we have had a new painting and drying booth with a rail network connection:

  • Cabin interior dimensions: L = 14 m, W = 4.20 m, H= 4 m
  • Rail capacity: loadable up to 5 tons

For larger parts, we have a separate hall area with filter technology:

  • Large parts up to L = 18 m, W = 5 m, H = 4 m, weight up to 20 tons