Construction and engineering department

In our construction and engineering department, we take care of the work preparation, i.e., the drawing of further plans that are necessary for production. The order processing takes place according to your drawings or according to predetermined criteria or sketches.

Construction and engineering department

Latest software programs

In order to carry out construction work, to create sheet metal developments, to program the laser and the CNC press brake with angle sensors, we work with the latest software programs:

  • 3D construction software “Inventor”
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • LogiTrace
  • LogiTool
  • Logibar

Data exchange with other 2 or 3-D CAD systems, such as CATIA or SolidWorks, is possible at any time.

Optimizing your project

We don’t prepare the work blindly; we think along with it. We try to optimize your project based on our machines and production facilities. We work closely with you and always to your advantage.