Our commitment to the future

We at Huppertz AG are setting new standards in environmental protection. It is our vision to create a sustainable footprint for the future by acting in a sustainable manner and applying innovative practices.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

We use modern technologies to make use of renewable energies and reduce our energy consumption.
  • LED technology
  • Solar energy systems
  • Project 2024: wind turbine

Switching our lighting system to LED and installing solar panels on our new buildings has enabled us to reduce our electricity consumption by up to 40%. These measures are part of our commitment to energy efficiency and the use of renewable forms of energy. Our new buildings are being constructed in accordance with the latest energy standards and we are planning to install a wind turbine by 2024 in order to achieve maximum synergy with our photovoltaic system.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Sustainable production and use of resources

We attach great importance to reusing materials and producing in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Large-scale recycling
  • Chromium-free, water-based substances
  • Solvent reprocessing

All materials arising during production, including steel and aluminium waste as well as powder and wet paint, are recycled, as documented by multiple certificates. The chemical components used in our powder system are chromium-free and water-based. We also use modern, energy-saving equipment that prioritises environmental considerations and we also recycle solvents for reuse.

Circular economy and waste management

Our aim is to minimise waste and make efficient use of resources in our production process.
  • Water treatment
  • Heat recovery
  • Sustainable packaging

We subscribe to the principle of the circular economy. We use order-based purchasing to keep stock levels and waste to a minimum. We attach great importance to reusable or recyclable packaging and have set up a system to treat industrial wastewater from our powder coating plant. This ensures a closed water cycle and results in significant water savings. What is more, heat generated during production is used to heat our factory buildings.

Circular economy and waste management
Circular economy and waste management

Local businesses and quality

We favour regional products and place great emphasis on high quality.
  • Regional procurement policy

Wherever possible, we prioritise the purchase of regional products in order to support the local economy and reduce transport emissions. For us, quality is more important than quantity, which is reflected in our choice of suppliers and materials.