New materials, complex areas of application, advances in electronics, mechanics and electrical engineering: nowadays metal parts are exposed to extreme stresses. A surface treatment is therefore essential in many cases.

We clean rust and scale from metal parts using sandblasting. This rust removal is the optimal preparation for a later coating, as it significantly increases the durability of the workpiece.

Thorough cleaning

In order to achieve an optimal result with the coating, a good pre-treatment is essential. The coating is only as good as the surface underneath! Sandblasting cleans metals down to the pores and removes oxidation, rust, scale, mill skin or paint. The surface is also thoroughly cleaned in hard-to-reach places such as grooves or depressions.

Particularly large workpieces thanks to the free blasting cabin

We have a free blasting cabin in which we can also process particularly large workpieces without any problems. This is equipped with a recovery system. We therefore work in an environmentally conscious and cost-effective manner.

  • Dimensions of the free blasting cabin: L: 15 m, W: 6 m, H: 4 m

We work according to purity grade SA3 according to DIN EN ISO 8501-1. After the sandblasting process, the mean surface roughness is 40 to 80 μm. It is checked according to DIN EN ISO 8503-2 comparison sample procedure.