New materials, complex areas of application, advances in electronics, mechanics and electrical engineering: nowadays metal parts are exposed to extreme stresses. A surface treatment is therefore essential in many cases.

We have been working successfully with a nearby, reliable galvanizing plant for many years. This cooperation offers you numerous benefits.

You save time!

Thanks to a close partnership with the galvanizing plant, we guarantee you smooth workflows. After you have unloaded your workpieces with us, we take care of all further work steps. There’s no need for you to arrange any additional transports, and thus you save time and money.

Various zinc basins

Our partner company has 3 zinc basins of different sizes:

  • Basin 1: L = 7 m, W = 1.80 m, D = 3 m (delivery time approx. one week)
  • Basin 2: L= 9.3 m, W = 2.45 m, D = 2.20 m (delivery time by arrangement)
  • Basin 3: L = 18.5 m, W = 1.80 m, D = 2.70 m (delivery time by arrangement)

We also have in-house production control and galvanization in accordance with DIN EN 1461 and DASt 022.